"The Other Side of Stewardship"


Curriculuum Vitae
Alicia Carla Simpson

Church Administrator and Accountant/Bookkeeper

Primary Expertise in: Analysis & Design.
I have considerable experience in interacting with persons at all levels of an organization. I have learned to communicate with all levels in a manner that produces trust, enables a close working relationship, and produces quality two-way communication. This is essential in learning the needs and wants of users to create a product that will meet these needs. I have always felt that my primary responsibility is to develop good lines of communications to do my job correctly.

Application and Database Analyst
Enterprise Database Analyst
Graphics Designer
Lead Programmer
Senior Programmer

Primary responsibilities involved Enterprise Communication.
Interface with clients' management and users to determine needs and wants. Design a prototype user-interface and establish a design document. Work with clients' management and users to refine the user-interface and the design documents until there is a meeting of the minds as to what is needed and wanted.
Using the design document and the user-interface, as team lead, I would assign each member of the team to develop a class or module and coordinate the teams efforts and integrate the results into the user interface.
Work with quality assurance to develop a test script and test and debug the application.
Develop user documentation and training materials. Coordinate with management to establish training schedules so key users and management will be familiar with the software when released by quality assurance.
Responsible for evaluating new technology  Currently working with VB .NET, ASP .NET and SQL Server 2000.
Also: Consulting on Church system design, recommending hardware/software for enterprise systems and installing enterprise resource reporting and planning systems
Developed and taught courses in spreadsheet design, word processing, database development, and report creation and development. Also developed and taught courses for most of the applications I designed and coded, as well as, applications designed and coded by others.
Developed courseware for Lotus 123, dBase, the 'C' programming language, and the Microsoft Office Suite.
As a substitute teacher I taught the following subjects:
English, Mathematics, Algebra, Geometry, General Science, and Church Science.
Swansea School System, Swansea MA,  Case High School and Case Junior High
Fall River School System, Fall River MA,  Durfee High School
Westport School System, Westport, MA,   Westport Junior High School
As a college instructor I taught courses in Church applications-database, spreadsheet, and word processing and courses in Church programming-`C' and the dBase scripting language.
Bristol Community College
Enterprise Database Analyst back to top
Reviewed enterprise data needs and developed a database schema to implement those needs. Develop data mining techniques for cross-departmental reporting. Integrate existing clients into enterprise wide database. Develop new clients when it is not economical to integrate existing clients.
Lead Programmer back to top
Performed analysis & design for a network management system. The application would poll multiple digital cellular telephone repeaters (this device `repeated' signals where the structure would otherwise seriously reduce signal strength).
The primary portion of the application was written in `C'. This was a multi-threaded application that kept track of the repeater's status. I designed this application, coded the main routines and produce a code outline. A second `C' programmer coded about half the application under my supervision and training (I had to train the programmer in database applications and multi-threaded issues). One major function was to enable the system to send text messages to pagers and cellular telephones when a problem is encountered.
A secondary part was a maintenance program coded in Visual Basic version 6.0. This program displayed the results of the polling (an embedded database was used to store and retrieve values) and allowed the user to make modifications to the parameters of each repeater. I worked with a Technical Writer to develop the documentation.
Senior Programmer back to top
Provided systems/development support for Restaurant Point of Sale system, which uses Sybase as a back end. Support involved writing applications in Visual Basic, DOS and the Windows NT command processor scripting language, Windows scripting, SQL, and a proprietary scripting language built into a DOS application-ReMACS. Other duties required analyzing application log files to determine the causes of problems. To assist in this I wrote an application in Visual Basic to partially automate the analysis of log files. I also wrote a 3 part application designed to keep track of version data on custom stored procedures across 600+ Restaurants. ActiveX Data Objects (ADO 2.1) and other ActiveX controls, also ODBC and SQL.
Developed n-tier database application to act as a portal for access to text messaging facility for pagers and cellular telephones. Development was done in Visual Basic 5.0 using Windows Sockets (VB Winsock control), Smithware Btreive Controls and Btreive 6.15. The application was multi-threaded and used CGI on Windows NT Server 4.0 and IIS.  Smithware ActiveX Controls for Btrieve and Winsock ActiveX controls.
Data was pulled from multiple locations using multiple protocols. It was then parsed and stored before being packaged and transmitted as text to pagers and cellular telephones.
Application and Database Analyst      back to top
Worked with a development team to rewrite a DOS application used to provide automated control of a Concrete Plant to a Windows 2000 environment. I designed both the database schema and the primary user interface. Developed specifications for data access (using SQL Server, the Microsoft Database Engine and XML/XSL), internationalization and localization and coding practices and standards.
Coded stored procedures and triggers to make maximum use of the RDBMS to off-load processing. This is an N-Tier application, the Primary application allowing monitoring and setting of parameters for the production of concrete. The relational datab management system, which was accessed via an ActiveX out of process server and ADO across an ODBC interface, served to store application data. Finally, the Batch Control System was an application written in `C' and embedded in the physical hardware that controlled the plant.
The application was coded to be Web-enabled, using XML and XSL, to allow control from remote locations or to use one server on the Internet to implement a portal for accessing multiple plants.
Performed analysis & design for a port of several track measurement applications, written in Watcom `C', from MS-DOS running on a VME Bus to Windows NT 4.0, using Visual C++ 6.0, also running on a VME Bus. Assisted in stabilizing existing code preparatory to the port.
The applications received track data (from a 3rd party application), aggregated, displayed, stored, and processed the data to insure that the tracks met all applicable safety standards.
Developer back to top
Assisted the team writing the Visual Basic version of DMS's GasPro product.  The original product was written in FoxPro. The update is being written in Visual Basic 6.0 using an Oracle back end. My assignment involved developing forms and writing business logic to perform rate calculations and display and enter gas volume adjustments. Visual Basic 6.0, Oracle, SQL, and Windows NT Server, ActiveX Data Objects (ADO2.0) and ODBC
Responsible for developing programs in Visual Basic 5.0 and C++ for Flight Information Display System on a variety of platforms, including Novell 4.1 and Windows NT 4.0. I developed installation scripts for Windows NT. I developed programs in C++ to access the Windows Registry, Install and remove NT Services, and set security attributes in Windows NT. I developed multi-threaded applications using different kernel objects (mutexes, semaphores, and critical sections) to synchronize various threads.
Other responsibilities: providing Administration Analysis for the systems developed, preparing documentation, and developing demonstrations for marketing efforts.
Visual Basic 5.0, Visual C++ 1.51 and 5.0, and Wise Installation System
Developed a Business Tracking System in Visual FoxPro.
Upgraded existing cost model from dBase IV to FoxPro for DOS, designed /redesigned reports. Assisted team in developing `Idea' tracking system in FoxPro for DOS. Wrote several utilities for managing a distributed data base, developed system to incorporate individual database parts into a single database maintained at the MIS center. Wrote cost distribution and reporting system related to the main tracking system. Wrote several file management and printer control utilities in `C'.
Applications development under Unix in 'C'. I developed utilities to; perform lookups in data files, convert data retrieved from a System 38 to a format usable by store systems, and shell scripts to operate them. I developed a store to cc:Mail import/export facility to allow store managers to communicate with the corporate staff via e-mail.
Wrote three ActiveX controls and a CGI Script to transfer data from a website to a PC. Unix Server, Windows 95. Visual Basic Control Creation Edition, Visual Basic for Applications.
Graphics Designer back to top
Performed all page layout for a 40+ page magazine and a 4+ page newsletter.  Interfaced with printer to insure that the printer obtained all materials in a timely manner. Worked with writers to design articles for maximum flexibility in layout and article length.  Also developed some of the content.
Worked with Adobe PageMaker and Adobe Photoshop, as well as, Microsoft's Office.
University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, MA.
Bachelor of Science, Business Administration Accounting
Bachelor of Arts, Managerial Psychology
27 Credits in Education and 36 credits in Engineering
The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia
Master of Arts in Religion, emphasis Systematic Theology
Master of Sacred Theology, emphasis Bible Hermeneutics
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