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The Church Solution has one subsidiary, Catechism with a Digital Imagination. The Large and Small Catechism and some Biblical interpretations.

The Church Solution also supports the Parenting In Christ Ministries. The goal of this ministry is to provide parents with ways and means of raising their children.


The Church Solution

Instant Messaging - Inexpensive intra-office communications

Over 100 years ago the telephone was invented. The telepone very quickly caught on as the primary means of long distance communicating. Unlike morse code and the telegraph, a telepnone conversation happened in real time. Ideas could be quickly and effectively exchanged.

One of the biggest problems with telephones was the requirement that both parties be available at the same time. Several companies popped up to deal with this. Now you could subscribe to a message service. If a person called you and you were not available, they could leave a message with the service. You could call the service at any time and get your messages read.

Messaging services were expensive and the average person could not afford them, so they were of limited value. Then came the answering machine. A small recording device that would answer the phone, play a prerecorded message and record the response. They quickly became very affordable. We still have services, people who want to 'brag' on their wealth do use them. Most phone companies offer an automated messaging service for a small fee. This service acts like an answering machine without the downside. Answering machines have limited message capacity and are not often available if you are talking on the phone. The downside to this service is the price.

Today we have something new. We have a new Church program called Instant Messaging or IM for short. There are several programs available ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, Microsoft Messenger, and others. IM can act like e-mail, you can send a message at anytime and the intended receipent will receive it the next time they log on to the service (or like me, sit down at their Church).

IM goes far beyond this though. You can have real time converstations just like on the telephone, either typing your messages or, if you have a microphone and speakers, speaking directly to the other party. You can have a conversation over any period of time. I often 'talk' with friends on the other side of the world. We rarely 'talk' in real time because when I am awake they are asleep and when they are awake I am sleeping. Nevertheless we have full conversations. With a telephone it is difficult to deal with huge time differences.