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Other Services

The Church Solution has one subsidiary, Catechism with a Digital Imagination. The Large and Small Catechism and some Biblical interpretations.

The Church Solution also supports the Parenting In Christ Ministries. The goal of this ministry is to provide parents with ways and means of raising their children.


The Church Solution

Creating and editing documents Assistance

I have many years experience writing and editing documents of all types. I have been a technical writer for the last 15 years. I have also written articles on psychology topics. My partner was the news editor for a moderately sized newspaper in North Carolina. Since then he has done considerable technical editing.

I can help you with typing, editing, and research. I can type about 40 words per minute. My partner will find every mistake you make, guaranteed! We cannot, sorry to say, provide content.

I can help you with research particularly on the Internet. We also have a very large library of books.

Combined with my graphical layout skills, we can take your content and create very professional documents. Documents that are both well laid out and very readable, while still getting the nature and intent of the document across to the reader.

For those documents that you have to produce on a monthly or weekly basis we can assist you in creating style sheets and templates so you can create them quickly, efficiently, and make them consistent across the weeks and months.

One example would be your weekly church bulletin, we can create specialized templates that allow you to simply enter what is different from week to week retaining that which is always the same. The formating and layout will also be consistent from week to week.

We charge $10.00 per page for straight typing, $4.00 per page to make changes. Editing costs $5.00 per page, $7.00 per page if we are making the corrections (price includes the corrections). Graphical layout is $8.00 per page.