"The Other Side of Stewardship"


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The other side of stewardship.

Most congregations are quite good at the part of stewardship that involved getting funds for church function and mission, this, though, is too often the beginning and the end of their stewardship process.

The completely forget or ignore the other side of stewardship, the part of stewardship that uses the funds, time, and talents of the members of the congregation.

Some questions you can ask yourself:

When was the last time you compared prices for telephone and Internet services? Are you getting the best value for your money? The cost of these services changes quite often, if you have not looked into getting a better price in the last few years you are certainly paying too much. These companies will not call you up to tell you that the same services you are getting are available for a lower price.

Do you have a purchase order system? Control of purchasing is a very important means of insuring that your funds are expended wisely. It is also useful for insuring that the congregational committees do not overspend their budget.

Do your budgets compare favorably with monies actually expended at year end? I have often seen budgets that bear little or no relation to actually needs and requirements. Budget numbers are often little more than guesses or wishes. The people who prepare them have not really put the effort into developing these numbers.

Are you making the best use of your infrastructure—the buildings and property your congregation owns? Many congregations are making money by renting their buildings and spaces when they are not being used by the congregation. One area involves “homeless” congregations (start-up congregations that do not have a building) that worship on a different day or time than you do.

Have you sat down and produced a listing of your programs and missions and the specific talents that would be useful in that area? It is needful to learn about the actual talents congregants have but identifying programs and missions that can make use of specific talents. Collecting talents can also be a difficult area.

Our consultants can look at your procedures and help you to get the most from your funding, time, and talents.

We can also advise on making your buildings accessible to those who are differently-abled. Further, one of our consultants is an expert on music and liturgy as well.

We can help you develop useful budgets that are based on the real world and based on probable income. We can help you establish accounting controls and purchase order controls that will enable you to keep within you budget or make intelligent and data based decisions when you choose to go beyond it.

We can assist you in making maximal use of your accounting system or implementing an accounting system that provide the controls any organization needs. Do not fall in the common trap where you say you are small and everyone is trustworthy so you don't need effective accounting controls! Size does not matter and even the most trustworthy person can make a mistake.

There are the con artists who try to get you to pay invoices when you haven't either ordered anything or received anything. Effective accounting controls will insure you don't fall for their tricks.

We can help you to develop effective time and talent surveys and tie the talents into your actual programmatic and missional needs.

There are many other areas we can help you in. Michael Simpson lost his right leg below the knee and uses a prosthetic. We have had a lot of experience in learning what means of access works and what doesn't. Nothing will turn off a potential member family than having one of them unable get in or have a very inconvenient means of access. Architects and builders too often put ease of access secondary to aesthetics.

We might also surprise you with how easy it might be to make your facilities accessible to the differently-abled.

Unlike some of the people who want to advise you, both Michael and I have extensive education in ecclesiology and religion. We will not be suggesting things that are not in line with your worship and liturgical needs and requirements.

Churches do not have money to waste. Every dime that goes toward non-missional or programmatic things is a dime that does not further the churches mission. Whether you have 100 members or 10,000 members it is proper to insure that you are not paying too much for anything and that every possible dime goes to Christian mission activities and programs.

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