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The Church Solution has one subsidiary, Catechism with a Digital Imagination. The Large and Small Catechism and some Biblical interpretations.

The Church Solution also supports the Parenting In Christ Ministries. The goal of this ministry is to provide parents with ways and means of raising their children.


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Stewardship, what every congregant dreads. When we think about stewardship we think about collecting money or, from the congregants point of view, giving money. Obtaining funding is only one side of stewardship, there is also managing money, talent, time, and other resources to actually get programs and missions done. This, then is the other side of stewardship, the side we rarely consider important. How hard is it to spend money?

That is often the point, it is not hard to spend money, what is hard is to spend money wisely and effectively. That is where The Church Solution comes in. Our staff of consultants will help you to spend your money as efficiently and effectively as you can. We eliminate waste and help your money go further.

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Better Living Through Open Source

We specialize in open source products and applications. Open source applications provide more security and a greater value for your business.


The Church Solution was originally formed in Fall River, Massachusetts in 1981 as The Computer Solution. I have been providing services for the business and not-for-profit community for more than 30 years.

Alicia Simpson brings more than 30 years of experience working with all aspects of church administration. Let her expertise make your your stewardship more efficient and effective.

Alicia Simpson was trained at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia and has studied ecclesiology, church administration, Christian education, and other aspects of the church. Alicia Simpson received a master of arts in religion with a concentration in systematic theology and a master of sacred theology with a concentration in Bible hermeneutics.